Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bootleg Action Figures

Tired of buying legitimate toys with not enough engrish, lead paint, or questionable design choices?  Well this is your lucky day.  Just like bootleg movies, bootleg toys are also produced illegally and are bad quality copies of other toys (or sometimes strange works of art all their own).  You can commonly find these at swap meets and dollar stores across the country.

The website I'm featuring today is a blog devoted entirely to the strange bootleg toy findings of one guy.  Sadly it hasn't been updated in a while, but I'd definitely recommend raiding the archives.  There's a lot of funny stuff and interesting findings.  And as a bonus to this blog, I'll be making a trip to my local swap meet tomorrow to see what I can find.  I'll take pics of interesting bootlegs, or just other random stuff I stumble across.  Of course this means I can't update until later in the afternoon, so be sure to check back later tomorrow!

Check it out at


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